Professor Thomas Gruenberger, MD

Thomas Gruenberger MD

Thomas Gruenberger was born and raised in Vienna, Austria where he attended primary and secondary school. After completing his studies of medicine at the University of Vienna, he did his residency in general surgery at the Vienna General Hospital and at the regional hospital in Baden, Lower Austria.

He specializes in hepato−biliary surgery and has been head of the hepato−biliary service of the general surgical department at the Medical University Hospital Vienna since 1998, interrupted only by a 2 year stay in Sydney where he worked at St. George's University Hospital in New South Wales, Australia.

Mr. Gruenberger has performed more than 600 liver operations, his area of expertise being multi−disciplinary management of liver metastasis of colorectal cancer as well as bile duct and gallbladder cancer.

He qualified as a an associate professor in June 2002 with the topic "new developments in the surgical treatment of liver metastasis" and is working to further improve therapy for patients with colorectal carcinoma through new treatment strategies and numerous clinical trials together with his wife Birgit Gruenberger, MD.

He is an internationally highly regarded liver surgeon, represented on several boards and frequently speaks at major cancer conventions.

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