Associate Professor Birgit Gruenberger, MD

Doz. Dr. Birgit Gruenberger

Birgit Gruenberger, née Schuell, was born and raised in Vienna, Austria where she attended primary and secondary school. She completed her studies of medicine at the University of Vienna in minimum time and after qualifying as a doctor, did her residency in internal medicine at the department for internal medicine at the Vienna General Hospital.

She specializes in the therapy and treatment of patients with gastrointestinal tumors (cancer of the colon, bile duct, pancreatic and stomach cancer) and has co-authored and authored several medical Publications / Links.

Together with her husband Thomas Gruenberger, MD she treats patients, does research and publishes articles and studies on gastrointestinal tumors.

After qualifying as an internist, Mrs. Gruenberger worked at the oncology clinic at the Rudolfstiftung hospital from May 2006 until the birth of her first son in 2008 and established a private practice together with her husband in April 2007. Birgit Grünberger, MD qaulified as a professor in April 2008 with her postdoctoral lecture qualification thesis with the topic "new systemic treatment strategies in advanced colorectal cancer". Furthermore, she completed supplementary specialty training in hematology and internal oncology in June 2010.

She has been head of the oncological day care unit at the Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder in Vienna since returning from maternity leave in February 2010 and, together with her husband supervises the renowned Austrian study group ABCSG´s liver task force.

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